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Vocational Training

Reform of Vocational Education (ROVE)

Reform of Vocational Education (ROVE) Earlier this month there was an announcement regarding the Reform of Vocational Education (ROVE) One of the aims is to create a New Zealand Institute of Skills & Technology (NZIST): A unified, sustainable, public network of regionally accessible vocational education, merging 16 polytechnics and 11 Industry Training Organisations The new institute… Continue reading “Reform of Vocational Education (ROVE)”

GIB Weatherline®System

GIB Weatherline® Gets thumbs up from down South

GIB Weatherline® Gets thumbs up from down South Winstone Wallboards’ recently launched GIB Weatherline® Rigid Air Barrier has just been installed on its first South Island home – and it has received rave reviews. Christchurch installers Keith Cochrane and John Molten found the new exterior plasterboard easy to use, and said being able to score… Continue reading “GIB Weatherline® Gets thumbs up from down South”